Bronze (Age 4 and up to 6 years)


Wednesday 4pm - 4-45pm

Thursday 4pm - 4-45pm


For further details, please Contact Focus.


A structured 45 minute gymnastics session begins with a warm-up and progresses to floor skills, award work and apparatus practice. This is a fun and friendly introduction to gymnastics for our little starters.

Silver (Age 5+)


Wednesday 4-30pm - 6-30pm / 6-30pm - 8-30pm

Thursday 4-30pm - 6-30pm

Friday 7pm - 9pm

Saturday 10am - 12 noon / 12 noon - 2pm

For further details, please Contact Focus.


Silver level classes are for gymnasts who attend a 2 hour structured session working towards award schemes and competition



Adult Classes (Age 16+)


Monday & Thursday 7-45pm - 9-45pm.


The classes are aimed at 16+ and anybody who wishes to have a go is welcome!

Parents & Toddlers (From Walking to 4 years)


Wednesday 10-30am - 11-30am / 1pm - 2pm

Thursday 10-30am - 11-30am


A chance for children to interact with other children in a safe and friendly environment.

For further details, please Contact Focus.